Ok, I know that there are probably a lot of blogs out here on the internet that discuss just how horrible Mondays can be, and in general school, and I would totally have to agree.

So, me and my friends at school have this theory that all teachers in our grade get together and plan a specific week to have tests, or assignments due, I mean sometimes it’s absolutely rediculous. (I am in grade ten, for those of you who do not know). A lot of the time I am sitting at my desk or on my computer studying or trying to finish up an assignment, pulling out my hair because what I am doing is so boring and I have other things to be doing with my time, for instance going on social media websites (I am particularly addicted to we heart it and twitter¬†at the moment).

Another thing is that kids nowadays have the attention span the size of a teaspoon. I mean I could just be starting my homework, and all of a sudden a very distracting dust particle crosses my line of vision, and thats it, I am a complete gonner. And then my mother gets all upset with me saying that I should be getting better marks (shes like “I know you can do better, I raised a winner…. lol she doesnt exactly say that, but I am sure you get the jist). And you know what my answer is to that. Teachers should not be giving these loads of work at such a stressful point in our lives, I mean I already have enough pimples, It is rediculous, I think they should lighten up a bit with the homework, tests, and everything else. Or they should at least make it enjoyable.

Yours Sincerely, Ranting Teen.

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